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Press Release - Initial Root Filesystem

(May 31, 2006) LOS GATOS, CALIF. How do you get a root filesystem when you don't have one to begin with? The 15th year release of the critically acclaimed series that "opened the door" to open-source systems continues with the fifth article, The Initial Root Filesystem. The series has rekindled interest in the novelty of what it was like before Unix systems on PC's became commonplace, when even such easy to generate items as a filesystem was nonexistent, and assembling the first by hand was the only way.
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Press Release - Article Series Grows

(May 5, 2006) LOS GATOS, CALIF. The 15th year release of the critical series that started open-source systems continues with the fourth article, Language Tools Cross Support. Thousands have read the articles, and many original 386BSD users have rejoined with William and Lynne Jolitz, creators of 386BSD - see the website .
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Press Release - 15 year anniversary of pivotal beginning of Open Source

(March 17, 2006) LOS GATOS, CALIF. William and Lynne Jolitz, creators of 386BSD, celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the article series that started Open Source systems. Along with reacquiring all rights to 386BSD from CMP Publishing, to recapture that revolutionary moment they have spent countless hours restoring the articles from notes, e-mails, written correspondance and the rememberances of team members. As the articles are restored, they may be found on the website .
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Commentary on "Porting Unix":

Prex - 組み込みリアルタイムOS開発日記 - Jolitz夫妻: "この2人の功績はすばらしいと思うし、2人の書いた386BSDの本はお気に入りの本の一つだ。だけど、前からずっと気になっている点があった。"... more "Человек, забывающий свое прошлое, обречен пережить его вновь." ... more
Peter N. M. Hansteen, bsd-dk: "Artiklene beskriver prosessen noksĺ detaljert, med en del anekdoter..." ... more
Dru Lavigne, OSW and Other Musings: "If you have any interest in operating systems or design you will thoroughly enjoy the writing and learn quite a bit along the way." ... more
OSRC - Центр информации по операционным системам: "Интервью с Линн и Вильямом Джолицами" ... more
Will Backman, BSDtalk podcast: "Interview with Lynne and William Jolitz, creators of 386BSD." ... more
MYCOM PC WEBの記事: "Jolitz夫妻、386BSDを語る" ... more
Lynne's Take on Tech: "386BSD Release 0.0 launched like a rocket" ... more
Jserv:?PORTING UNIX TO THE 386?????... more
Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity: "Anyone interested in Unix and BSD history will like these articles" ... more
GCU Squad: "Lynne et William Jolitz ce sont les divinités grace auxquelles tu es probablement en train de lire cette news sous un OS du bien" ... more
Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher "the business of silicon valley" - " ... just got this in from William and Lynne Jolitz. They are a very interesting couple and among my favorite valley people " ...more
Dan Kusnetzky, Exec VP Open-Xchange - "BSD is a project that made a major contribution to the world of IT " ...more
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